Run for Yor Life by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

December 17, 2010 § 7 Comments

Run for Your Life by James Patterson & Michael  Ledwidge
Michael Bennett Series, Book 2
Large Paperback, 373 Pages, Borrowed from Azahiri
The story: The hero is detective Michael Bennett. The serial killer is dubbed as “the Teacher”. He’s a master of disguise and his targets seem like randomly picked but actually were aimed from the very beginning. His motive is “to give lesson” to the corrupted society or so he thought. But, a criminal is a criminal, and Bennett is the one who’ll bring him in though his family will be put in danger.
My thought:  From technical aspect, same as the other James Patterson’s books, Run for Your Life” was written in short, short chapters which I think very interesting and easy to read an it made this book as a page-turner one. The story was told from Bennett’s POV alternately with the story of The Teacher going out and murdered people. And like any others Jame Patterson’s books, the life of the main hero at home is also highlighted just to add the spice to the story and I think it was OK.  About the storyline, I can say it wasn’t that great but there were twists and surprises here and there which made it as a good read. Though the book start a bit slow, but it becoming much better once I hit the climax and the story is neatly ended in the way that I loved. The fact that the book is also co-written by Michael Ledwidge didn’t make any difference (or so I thought) because I only saw James Patterson’s writing style in it. All in all, this book at least manage to catch my interest though it’s not the best book I ever read from the author. 
CoffeeNCracker’s Meter: 3 Cups of Coffee.

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