Cold Case by Faye Kellerman

November 14, 2010 § 3 Comments

Title: Cold Case
Author: Faye Kellerman
Publisher: HarperCollins
Series: Peter Decker/ Rina Lazarus #17
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Details: Large Print, 367 Pages

The Story 
When software billionaire Genoa Greeves was just a student, her tutor was murdered in a carjacking that shocked her tight-knit community. Now, eighteen years later, a similar murder has occurred in the Hollywood Hills and Genoa wants answers. Lieutenant Peter Decker is under pressure to connect the two cases. faced with cold trails and dead leads, Decker enlists the help of his detective daughter, Cindy. But in a city where the price of fame has no limits, the line between cops and robbers sometimes get dangerously blurred.
My Thought
The murder of Ekerlings which have the same modus operandi as Ben Little’s murder case 18 years ago, makes the former student of Dr. Ben, Genoa, who is now a software billionaire to make a request to reopened the cold case. The detective assigned for the investigation is Lieutenant Peter Decker, a senior investigator. In order to link the dots, Decker and his two investigators, Marge and Oliver have to make a thorough investigation and the investigation become more and more difficult as everyone who have the relationship with the two victims has the tendency to be the murderer. Besides, the former investigator who involved with the Little’s case committed suicide as the case reopened.

The Cold Case is indeed an interesting investigation novel but also a very dragging one. It gives you the real situation of how the detectives did their works. Have to go here and there, conduct interview after interview, and then sit together to discuss their theories regarding the case and then did more interviews and interrogate the suspects. So, basically this novel shows me the police procedures at work which I think a very tedious, time consuming and sometimes boring. But, that’s the challenge as an investigator plus it’s not easy to solve a cold case which the evidences are all dusty and blurry. There are not much of actions and suspense in this book but it can make reader keep on flipping the pages as Kellerman shows the real interrogation procedures and how the police did all the questioning.The body of the story is all about questioning all the people related to both cases. What I love about the Cold Case is that how Peter Decker and his two colleagues dig the information from the suspects. Whenever the interrogation scene takes place, I become restless and am so excited because they are so brilliant in the questioning and manage to extract information without any force or brute acts. However, the ending of this book is not that great. They don’t really know who’s the real murderer but just blurt some speculations of who did and who didn’t do the murder. I am a bit disappointed with such an ending. All in all this one enjoyable read but the investigation process is told in a very detail way which sometimes make the story become too dragging and tedious and with such an ending, who can blame me if I say it’s not really a great book? It’s just an OK one but if you want to know how investigators do their works and all those interrogations, this is recommended.

Favorite Quotes

“I love you, too.” Rina’s eyes moistened. “Thanks for being a terrific husband…..and thanks for just being alive.” pg. 167

CoffeeNCrackers Meter

3 Cups of Coffee: An enjoyable read but you have to be very patient while reading this book because the police procedures highlighted are very tedious and it makes the story to be dragging so much.

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