Books VS E-Books

September 30, 2010 § 2 Comments

If anyone ever ask me this question, “Between books (printed) and e-books (digital), which one do you prefer?and why?” , my answer would be….

I love the smell of the books. When I open my books, my nose caught the smell of the papers. Yeah, It make me feels more attach to the books that I’m going to read. Can I say that the smell functions just like just like human’s pheromones?! It makes the books more attractive compared to the e-books which don’t have paper based pages, let alone to gives the “sensational smell” *giggles*
I love the sounds of the flipping pages. Especially during the climax of the story when I flip the pages faster and faster, with the same pace as the scene. 
They look great on the shelf. Don’t you think so?

 My eyes don’t get tired spending a longer time reading a book.

 Books don’t need power supply. You can sit hours, or days, or even weeks in the middle of the jungle or in an isolated island reading your books without worrying about the run out battery. Because books don’t need all that. They just need you to read ’em. Right?
Do you own Kindle or any e-readers? Well, I don’t. But, that’s not the point. The point is have you ever think what will happen if your expensive hi-tech Kindle (how much it costs?) drops on the floor? Oh my, I just can’t imagine your feeling at that time. It would be horrible. Yes..yes.., I know you’ll say “I’ll take a great care of my e-Readers. I’ll never let it happen.” But, such a thing do happen you know. Well, I drop my books hundreds of times, but they don’t easily break (or they don’t break at all). When they drop on the floor I just pick them up, and said “Owh, I’m sorry my dear book, are you hurt?” and I can hear the reply “Oh, no. I’m good!!”
Well, guys this is just my opinion. I do read E-books on laptop myself. But, I think that E -books just can’t kill the books, because we’ve bee n living with books for roughly more than 500 years. I love the idea of e-readers, and if I ever have the opportunity (or money) to try to use ’em, I’ll try of course. Yesterday I read an article about the iPad is replacing e-readers. Wow, just how fast the technology is progressing?

§ 2 Responses to Books VS E-Books

  • Hope eBooks never do away with the pub of new books, but I do love eBooks for hefty novels.I agree the iPad is the best eReader device out there so far. Love the screen quality, page side, slide factor and back light feature.

  • Shy says:

    I agree with the points that you stated above. However, I have to admit that I really want a Kindle *blush* Like… really, really, really want one. I know, I've TOO many books on the shelf already, so one might ask, why do I want an eReader? But my experience reading eBooks on my iTouch kind of change my perspective regarding to this matter. I've to say that it's good to have one especially as a back up when manage to finish the book you're currently reading.*sigh* How I wish Amazon can ship Kindle to Malaysia.

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