The Movie: The Kite Runner

August 21, 2010 § 2 Comments

Title/Year: The Kite Runner (2007)
Director: Marc Foster
Writers: David Benioff (Screenplay), Khaled Husseini (Novel)
Genre: Drama, Historical Fiction
Cast: Zekeria Ibrahimi (Amir), Ahmad Khan Mahmoodzada (Hasan)
CoffeeNCrackers Meter: 5 cups of Coffee

Based one on of the most acclaimed novels in recent memory, THE KITE RUNNER is a profoundly emotional tale of friendship, family, devastating mistakes and redeeming love. In a divided country on the verge of war, two childhood friends, Amir and Hassan, are about to be torn apart forever.  It’s a glorious afternoon in Kabul and the skies are bursting with the exhilarating joy of a kite-fighting tournament.  But in the aftermath of the day’s victory, one boy’s fearful act of betrayal will mark their lives forever and set in motion an epic quest for redemption. Now, after 20 years of living in America, Amir returns to a perilous Afghanistan under the Taliban’s iron-fisted rule to face the secrets that still haunt him and take one last daring chance to set things right..
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My Comment
Beautiful! The cinematography is just so beautiful. I feel like I want to be there myself and watch the kites fighting in the sky and run myself of the ally ways. Marc Foster knows his job very well and the movie turns out great. I think the boys are awesome in acting, and they’re cute too. Each and every characters give impact to me especially Hassan, Amir and his Baba. The friendship and betrayal, and an eternal love of father and son really moved me and even make me cry. LOL. All in all, this is such a great movie and I don’t hesitate to give it a 5 stars rating. Highly recommended to all of you out there.
If you love this movie, you will also love the novel, The Kite Runner.

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