Shall We Tell the President? by Jeffrey Archer

August 15, 2010 § 7 Comments

The Story [Goodreads.Com]
After decades of struggle, sacrifice, and personal tragedy, Florentyna Kane has finally attained her goal–the presidency of the United States. Yet even as she gives her inaugural speech, those who oppose her are plotting to silence her forever. Only one man knows when the assassins will strike, and even he doesn’t know where, how, or most importantly, who they are. He has only six days to track down the senator at the heart of the cold-blooded conspiracy. Six days in which he can waste no time, leave no trail, and trust no one. One wrong word, one false move, and both a nation and a dream will crumble.

My View

Archer achieved what most authors dream about: writing a page-turner. The story and suspense flowed naturally through every page, until I’d finished the book and hardly realized it. I enjoyed the men-slaughtering, car crashing, assassinate plotting, and some romance . All seemed so real to me. It was like watching a movie. A live action! It was unbelievable that the agents can keep such a fatal secret (assassination)  from the President. Before I realized it, I keep asking the same question until last page. “Shall We Tell the President?” 

 Favorite Quote
“Shall we tell the President?”

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§ 7 Responses to Shall We Tell the President? by Jeffrey Archer

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