A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern

July 25, 2010 § 8 Comments

What it’s all about? [Shelfari’s Summary]
The book is about Sandy Shortt who has an obsession with finding things. She spends her life looking for lost people. She used to work for the garda but now, runs her own private company. Her obsession started when her neighbour, Jenny May Butler, went missing when she was ten. Then Jack Ruttle appears, looking for his younger brother, Donal, who went missing the year before. He asks Sandy for help – and she agrees, but doesn’t expect to become lost herself, stumbling upon a place where every missing thing seems to be, along with her own belongings from the past. In the book, all the lost things are described as unwanted things and all just left here The book was titled “There’s No Place Like Here” for release in the United States. “Here” refers to the name of the place where missing things, like Jenny-May Butler and Sandy Shortt, as well as objects end up.
My Thought
I bought this book because I really thought that it is an interesting story, because all the previous novels by Cecelia Ahern didn’t disappointing me.  But, when I read several comments and reviews from the readers out there, stated that this may be the worst book by Ahern, I got scared. I put it on my shelf for quite a long time before I picked it up again during the semester break. The moment I read the first page of A Place Called Here, I just hooked up and can’t stop my reading. This is really a page turner from Cecelia Ahern. Where the missing things went to when they got missing? I never thought ’bout that myself. But, Sandy Shortt keep on figuring out, where all this missing thing go and she become obsessed with finding the missing things and even missing person. But, one day she herself went missing and found herself in a strange place that the people there called it “Here”. So, this is where all the missing things and persons came to. Now she found what she searched for and time to search her way back home, where she belongs to.  It’s true that, this story is quiet difficult to comprehend but it has a great philosophical aspect of life with the twist and surprises here and there. It was a fun reading with a little bit of tear-jerked part. Well, missing yourself is far more scarier than missing your beloved person or things. 

Favorite Quote
“At moments when life is at its worst there are two things that you can do: 1) break down, lose hope and refuse to go on while lying face down on the ground banging your fist and kicking your legs, or 2) LAUGH.” – page 310
“As humans, we are the epitome of life, in life there is always balance. Life and death, male and female, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, win and lose, love and hate. Lost and found.” – page 359
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