The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

February 12, 2010 § 3 Comments

Hello everyone! CJ’s here again. Hmm….it has been awhile since I post something on this blog. It’s not that I stop writing, but lots of works need to be done. So, it can’t be help. Well, today I would like to write a review of The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards. I picked up this book weeks ago from the library shelf because I thought that the storyline of the books is interesting.


In the middle of blizzard in 1964, Dr. David Henry help his wife Norah to deliver their first baby with the help of his nurse Caroline. His first born is a boy, a perfect little boy but then shockingly, the blessing doubles: there’s another baby. A girl. But, before he can even rejoice, David knows that something is wrong with the baby girl. An extra copy of 21st chromosome, “Down Syndrome”. Haunted by his past, David believes that this lil’ girl will bring sadness to the family. Her future offers nothing but grief. Then, without his wife notice, Henry asks the nurse to take away the baby to an institution and he declares death of his baby girl.

Caroline, the nurse who secretly in love with David, takes the baby away. But, she can’t just put the baby in the institution since it’s not a better place for the baby. Thus, she takes the baby in as her own and lives far away from David. Since the incident, the world around David start s crumbling apart. Lies after lies, and his marriage is doomed. His boy is foreign to him. His family become colder and smaller. Caroline, in the other hand work so hard to give her everything to make sure that Phoebe will get a better place in society.

Despite being a profoundly moving novel, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter have a few obvious flaw. The most obvious flaw is the characters are not well developed and sometimes, they are out of characters. Next flaw is the time-line of the story. In order to cover the 25 years timespan of the story, Edwards begin to gloss over thing. Years in the lives of her characters are summed up in only a few big ticket events. This makes me really unsatisfied. I also think that Edwards is trying to much with the languages where she uses too much beautiful words and metaphors that make it difficult for me to catch the meanings. I also don’t like the ending of the story which I think it’s a boring conclusion with little emotion. I expect the ending will be a nice and heart-warming ending. Maybe a lil’ bit tear-jerking ending would be nice. Haha! So..3 stars for this book and that’s all for now. Till next time!! Ciao….


§ 3 Responses to The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

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