The Client

January 18, 2010 § 14 Comments

Howdy guys!! Me, just finished reading The Client by John Grisham. This book is utterly fabulous and cunningly crafted! The story began when Mark and his lil brother Ricky witnessed a mob lawyer, Romey put the barrel into his mouth and shot himself to dead! Woa!! I thought to myself that that was the most Horrible thing to be seen by 11 year-old Mark and 8 year-old Ricky, But even worse was the story told to Mark by Romey. The secret that ruined his life, as well as his brother’s , Ricky and his mom’s , Dianne. the whereabouts of the most-sought-after dead body of a Senator.

Mark got stuck between the legal system gone mad and the mob killer, the mafia, who won’t stop at any course to keep his mouth shut. Little boy was very scare to tell everything to the FBI who are willing to do anything to make him speak and he couldn’t stop thinking that a word from him may cost his life. then, he accidently found Reggie, a lawyer, which was then became his only ally, a friend that would help him out of this chaos. Reggie is a taught woman and she’ll do anything to protect Mark from both the corrupted legal system and the mob killer.

Mr. Grisham had created a very brilliant and brave Mark Sway, and despite his age, he’s quite a remarkable kid with lots of knowledge about cops, lawyers, criminal justice system and mafias. Thanks to all the movies that he watched. He’s also good in telling lies but the FBI are not a bunch of fools don’t they? The way Mark is thinking in this story is quite remarkable and sometimes i thought that all of thing that he goes through are too much for 11 year-old kid. Yet, Mr Grisham, make this character very taught, smart, brave and remarkable. I congrate Mr. Grisham for this refreshingly different hero.

Reggie Love, make the story even more exciting. She’s a very smart and tough lawyer in defending her client, Mark and at the same time acts as counselor, a friend, and a mother to mark. She’s willing to do anything for her sweet little client. One of the most interesting part in this book is when Mark and Reggie want to confirm the whereabout of the body of the Senator, this 52 year-old lady have to crawl in the bush and get caught between the cops, and the thugs. This really is a breath taking situation and the way Mr. Grisham brilliantly writes it make my heart beats go faster and faster with every turn of the pages! Haha!

This book really helps me for my latest ASSIGNMENT!! on criminology, in which wether the testimony given by children eyewitness is acceptable or not. So, guys! I surely have to get back into my business, and for those who haven’t read The Client yet..I highly recommended this book to you. I wonder which Mr. Grisham’s book I’ll read next. The Firm might be a good choice. Waddya think? Ciao..

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