1st To Die!!

January 17, 2010 § 3 Comments

I’m very satisfied reading this book as my first thriller book, and choosing Patterson’s is not a mistake at all! I love 1st to Die from the very beginning until the end! This time I’ll just skip all the details bout this book but what I wanna share with you here, today is what I love bout this awesome book!
Lindsay Boxer, the main character in this story! Love this tough gal very much. As the only homicide inspector in San Francisco, she tries her hardest to solve the cases of murder of newlywed couples and at the same time fights for her own life from Negli’s, a disease that decrease the production of RBC by bone marrow. Then, she founds Cindy, a daring reporter, Claire, a pathologist and Jill an attorney. And together, these brave women have a Women’s Murder Club secretly. Most of the story is told from Lindsay perspective and the thrill continues until the very last page of this book.

Mr. Patterson create the murderer very brilliantly. Phillip Campbell, a very twisted murderer which only kills the newlyweds and disappears without any trace. But, he intentionally leaves some evident at the scene to play game. He loves to play games very much. At first, I thought that this Phillip Campbell is Chris, Lindsay partner which is then fall in love with her. But…haha! my detective intuition went wrong. The real killer is so brilliant! He goes into jail at first but released when Lindsay doubt that the real killer is still out there, the wife. Chris and the wife are dead at the end. The real killer tries to kill Lindsay but has been shot by her.

5 stars for this book. This is the First book from the Women’s Murder Club Series by Patterson. I’m looking for the next book, 2nd Chance. What will Lindsay encounter next? haha! ciao…


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