Man and Boy

January 6, 2010 § 3 Comments

Hey everyone! It took me so long to update this blog. Haha! Loads of thing to handle, but never mind. I’m here now! Between your pop and your mom, which one is closer to you? which one do you prefer to share all your dirty little secretes with? your mom? your dad? Haha…..just answer it silently OK. This book by Tony Parson is a story about the relationship between the father and son and I really love this book and the story told! Some part it makes me wanna cry but I didn’t. And most of the times it just makes me laugh! Haha…what a beautiful story it is.
Man and Boy, is a story about Harry Silver. Harry, approaching his 30, has it all. A beautiful wife, Gina, a young and beautiful child Patrick and a good work in the media. But, approaching the big 30 figures make he feel likes he’s bringing extra luggage. No more fun, but all responsibilities. Until one night, he’s having one night stand with Soubhan, his colleague and throw everything he own. Harry thinks that he can get away with that, but he’s dead wrong. Gina finds out about that and make a strict decision. She can’t forgive this stupid man! She feels like cheated and of course she is. Gina leaves harry and bring along little Pat with her to her father’s. Harry’s alone right now. Yes, he’s alone.

Then,the story continues with Gina going to Japan to claim her ambition that she gave up long ago because of Harry. Leaving her beloved Patrick behind, Gina comes into an agreement that Harry will look after little Pat, the things that she thinks that she’s done alone before. One after another, harry is then lost his job whilst he’s struggling to take care of Pat by his own. But this is the turning point of his life. The new episode I would say. Most of the time this unemployed Harry spends the time with his son, and they become very close to each other. He try to be a best parent to his son. With the full support from both his parents, Harry is standing up on his feet again. Life becomes much better for him. Get to know his son better, re-unite with his parents and getting a new job. But not until Gina comes back and wants to bring Pat with her. Harry can’t accept it. He loves Pat so much. He wants to fight for custody but he stop. He realize that to love someone is to be able to let him go. He knows, Pat is happier with Gina.

My opinion: I think the story is just an average. Nicely written but a bit predictable and sometimes the story become flat at some parts. I wonder why. This is not an awesome book and it’s not a bad book either. It’s just good because the story is easy and too straightforward. It’s supposed to be about the relationship between Harry and Pat but Mr. Parsons more focus about other plot such as the relationship between Harry and his old man and Harry with his new girlfriend Cyd. But to tell you the truth I love the cover more than I love the story. Haha!! That’s all guys..Ciao…

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